Kevin Dutton brings his unique brand of psychology to radio and television audiences around the world. Listen to his guest appearances...

Science Weekly podcast

Canadian Cover

Plus, Alok Jha interviews Kevin Dutton about his book The Wisdom of Psychopaths.

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Crimetime with Candice DeLong

Crimetime with Candice DeLong

Former profiler and author Candice DeLong is an internationally recognized homicide expert and TV commentator. Listen to Candice interview Kevin Dutton about The Wisdom of Psychopaths.

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Dexter and Dutton Podcast

Dexter Scientific American

Michael C. Hall, in a conversation with psychologist Kevin Dutton about his TV character at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City.

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Ian Collins Roundtable


Kevin joins Ian Collins and the panel as they look back and pick apart the 5 big stories of the week on The Roundtable discussion.

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Psychopath Professions

Daily Bacon

Professor Kevin Dutton of Oxford University researched which professions attract the highest percentage of psychopaths. Find the podcast for 21st November 2012.

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Saturday Live

BBC Radio 4

Richard Coles with psychologist and persuasion expert Kevin Dutton, poet Salena Godden, a man working with young people to stop them joining street gangs, and one of Britain's oldest bookies.

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Science Weekly Podcast

The Guardian

What Makes a Genius? In a special podcast recorded in front of an audience at London's Science Museum, Alok Jha and the panel explore what it means to be a genius. Guest for the night, and helping to nail the nature of genius, psychologist Dr Kevin Dutton.

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Discovery Programme

BBC World Service

Persuasion is not always a long and drawn-out process. Psychologist Dr. Kevin Dutton explores the split-second techniques that can transform a knife-edge situation using extreme persuasion.

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DTV Interview

Kevin Dutton speaks to German TV about his first book Flipnosis - The Art of Split-Second Persuasion

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The Week with George Galloway


Kevin Dutton discussed the Anders Breivik Norwegian massacre with George Galloway.

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Ian Collins Lateshow


Launch of Great British Psychopath Survey, with Howard Marks

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